Benefits of the Avatar ERA solution

  • broadens the tax base though increased domestic tax collection, lower cost of compliance and reduced revenue leakage
  • eliminates red tape and increases ease of compliance for vendors
  • lowers cost of collection for fiscal authorities
  • increases efficiency of tax administration


The Avatar ERA solution provides

  • new fiscal auditing tools at central and local levels
  • VAT-compliant electronic Sales Data Controller (SDC) devices to all merchants and traders
  • greater transparency and fairer tax collection practices
  • improved fiscal infrastructure security
  • improved information exchange between relevant government entities



Unique characteristics of the Avatar Electronic Revenue Assurance (ERA) solution

Governments bring the consumer into the compliance circle with the introduction of an online fiscal lottery to reward all consumers who request and retain their VAT-return confirmation tickets at the point of sale. The Avatar invoicing system can transmit the lottery ticket to the consumer electronically—by SMS. This allows governments to have access to real-time, highly secure sales and fiscal data at the point of sale, and a VAT-compliant environment is created.



Our Solution offers:

  • robust EFD devices to suit all vendor environments, including those with limited access to power or other supporting infrastructures
  • battery-operated devices for environments with frequent power outages
  • devices operating multiple SIM cards, to reduce downtime and lost sales as a result of communication failures
  • backup systems in the event of a total system failure caused by loss of power and/or inactive telecom GPRS networks
  • secure back-up with call centre agent assistance for sales declarations and issuing of electronic VAT ticket through simple technologies and processes—USSD, secure SMS or IVR—in case of a complete failure of the merchant’s devices



Other benefits of the Avatar Electronic Revenue Assurance Solution:

  • seamless integration between EFD devices and data servers
  • secure data warehousing facilities
  • real-time information management allowing for close monitoring of EFD device usage
  • 100% intrusion-proof network
  • customer-incentive strategies to increase compliance



The Avatar platform

We were aware of the shortcomings of other electronic fiscal devices and platforms currently deployed across Africa and world-wide—which motivated us to develop an optimal solution to deliver measurable results consistently and cost-effectively, in a variety of environmental and infrastructural conditions.


Why the Avatar platform is suitable for any market:

  • multiple layers of redundancy throughout the system—devices support several SIM cards—to provide redundancy on the GPRS transmission layer
  • Border Gateway Control protocols implemented to provide dual data link connectivity between Avatar and the government department in control
  • real-time transmission of transactions between devices and Avatar servers
  • network integrity monitoring system with real-time alerts in the event of malfunction anywhere in the system
  • comprehensive dashboard enables authorised users to monitor the network and device activities in real time, while the business-intelligence layer allows for quick decision-making
  • communication links and an information platform operated on a secure private network creates a secure and closed ecosystem with no contact with the Internet
  • real-time data replication
  • remote device management
  • fail-proof security protocols at device, network and user levels
  • dynamic, flexible, customisable and scalable architecture.

Compliance is easy and value-added services win over the customer.

We understand that even a perfectly designed electronic invoicing solution cannot succeed without the willing participation of the taxpaying customers, so our solution incorporates a number of benefits for the customers themselves–to create value, ease the burden of compliance and improve cost-effectiveness.



Avatar’s business approach includes the following benefits and incentives for the taxpayer, facilitating the introduction and imposition of the electronic fiscal declaration network by the authorities:

  • free online accounting software for all traders who are VAT-compliant
  • secure data warehousing facilities
  • seamless integration with revenue authority systems—no need for the customer to purchase additional expensive hardware—cost of compliance is very low
  • real-time access to electronic sales ledgers for bookkeepers or accountants to monitor VAT declarations, make corrections and process merchandise returns
  • generation of automatic tax declarations subject to review by the user before submission to the Revenue Authority
  • immediate calculation and processing— improves cash flow for the business
  • more transparent and accurate calculation of tax liabilities, thus allowing businesses to plan timing of payments more efficiently
  • permanent backup and archiving of all financial records, remote access for the customer in the event of device or personal computer failure



How Avatar’s Electronic Revenue Assurance (ERA) Solution can be applied to the telecoms industry

Avatar has created an ERA solution to meet the challenges of telecoms revenue assurance for both fiscal and telecoms regulatory authorities.

Our high-tech solution—the Airtime Revenue Monitoring System (ARMS)—enables:
  • controlling all tax transactions related to revenue
  • monitoring
  • audits
  • airtime and mobile money top-up revenues for telecoms



The Avatar ARMS solution is designed for use in multiple tax environments:

  • telecommunications regulatory authorities who need accurate and complete operator revenue data that can be independently verified
  • fiscal authorities who must verify and audit the tax declarations of the telecoms carriers
  • banking regulatory authorities who need appropriate tools to ensure the security and the solvency of mobile banking operations and the collection of forensic data in the battle against cyber fraud and money laundering