Reduce tax evasion for economic growth in Guinea


8 July 2016

Tax evasion is one of the major scourges responsible for the impoverishment of the African continent and illegal outgoing monetary flows slow development in Africa down, especially in Guinea. According to experts, increasing the tax base would be an important solution in order to end this crisis, and in this regard, Avatar Technologies can offer Guinea the necessary tools to ensure effective tax management. Through the reliability of its IT system, they are able to meet the tax collection needs of the country, and its solution allows the authorities to improve tax and sales declaration, and to increase the rate of tax collection, all at a reduced cost for the fiscal administration.


Thanks to the EFD solution from Avatar Technologies, the Guinean government would be able to manage their fiscal flows in real time. It will involve services that would without a doubt replenish the Guinean State’s coffers. With the help of Avatar Technologies, Guinea can jumpstart their sustained economic growth through the effective tax management of its resources, which will allow the country to achieve financial independence.


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