Tanzania: All fuel filling stations across the country will use Electronic Fiscal Devices 


6 May 2014

Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) has embarked on measures to ensure that fuel filling stations across the country use electronic fiscal devices. Talks are still going on with fuel filling station owners and other stakeholders to ensure compliance, according to the TRA Director for Taxpayers Services and Education, Richard Kayombo. He said that the devices to be introduced in fuel filling stations would be installed within the pumps and will automatically issue receipts to buyers.


“We are still in negotiations with owners to chart out logistics for efficient implementation,” Mr. Kayombo told members of the Tanzania tax writers network (Tawnet) at a seminar on tax issues conducted by TRA at the weekend.


The cost will relatively be huge for owners of many petrol stations because every pump will have to be installed with the device. “We are looking on the possibility of whether a single EFD can be installed and work concurrently with more than one fuel pump,” he added.
Source: Corporate Digest