Tanzania: No Respite for EFDs Non-Compliant, TRA Says


2 September 2014

Non compliant businesses to the Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs) will not escape the ‘legal arm’ following a countrywide inspection campaign by the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) in collaboration with the Police Force.
In Dar es Salaam Region, over 10 shops out of 70 inspected in the campaign that kick-started two weeks ago, have been closed down for failure to comply with the use of the devices.
Some were issued with strong warning, paid the fines and allowed to continue with businesses. The TRA move also aims to unearth users of the unregistered EFDs which could be described as ‘fake gadgets not legally recognized by the law.’
The revenue body says, the unregistered devices were brought in the country legally but were not registered for use in the revenue collections process.

“The use of unregistered EFDs is illegal and will draw severe legal penalties,” said the TRA Commissioner General, Mr Rished Bade in news conference yesterday in Dar es Salaam.

He said that the inspection process has already been launched countrywide to disclose non compliant as well as those using unregistered gadgets, who will then face legal measures.

“EFDs are meant to enable the government levy appropriate taxes and ease the collection process. Also they help the business owners keep accurate records of their transactions and for clients to have receipt evidence of purchases,” he said.

According to Mr Bade, the recent inspection in various parts of the country found out that some traders were yet to procure the devices and others had bought but were not using them. Some issue receipts showing less amount of money paid in a transaction.
Few traders have already been arraigned after they were found using unregistered machines thus cheating the government out of its due revenue through tax evasion.
Last month, the marketing and advertisement firm, CI Group in Dar es Salaam was found to be using a fake EFD machine. The managers of the firm have so far been taken to court. Speaking at the event, the Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI), Mr Isaya Mungulu, warned traders reported to be intimidating others who are using EFDs to stop or face the wrath of the police force.

“We call upon the business community to comply to the rules and regulations demanding them to use of the EFDs to avoid colliding with the law enforcers,” he said.


Source: Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salaam)