Tanzania: TRA Compiles List of Firms Required to Use EFDs


10 April 2014

A list of business entities required to use electronic fiscal devices (EFD) has been put on the noticeboards of all regional and district Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) offices and on its website. This has been implemented in response to a directive given by the Prime Minister, Mr Mizengo Pinda, after a meeting held in February, this year.
Addressing a press briefing in Dar es Salaam, TRA Acting Director of Taxpayer Services and Education, Mr Julius Mjenga, said the meeting was also attended by the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Prime Minister’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Governments).
TRA was told to compile a list of businesses which were required to use EFDs, publish it in the media and provide their contact office details so stakeholders with queries could be served, Mr Mjenga said.

“The list has already been compiled and distributed to all regional and district commissioners countrywide,” he said. “TRA would like to inform the general public that the legal use of EFD is still in force,” Mr Mjenga stressed.


He warned that anyone who attempted to frustrate the exercise was committing an offence and would be prosecuted.
Source: Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salaam)