Tanzania: TRA Pushes for Use of Electronic Taxation Gadgets


9 July 2013

The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) will embark on an educational programme for Small and Medium Entreprenuers (SMEs) on the importance of using the Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs) so they can use them during 38th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF) next year. Speaking to Daily News at the 37th DITF, TRA Deputy Director of Finance Ms Rukia Adam said the revenue authority has noted that SMEs were not using the EFD machines.

“It is clear that there is still very little understanding of the importance of using the EFD machines, which apart from assisting the government receive correct amount of revenue, it also helps the business owner keep daily records,” she explained.


Ms Adam said it a legal requirement and not by TRA for every business owner to have the EFD machine. She called upon business owners in the country to get the EFD machines launched in May this year, on their own accord, without waiting to be forced by authorities.

“There are some who have willingly to embrace the new system of using EFD, but there are also those who are hesitating, but there is a legal requirement for customer to inquire and get a receipt for goods purchased, so it is for their interests that they get the machines which do produce receipts,” she explained.


For foreign businesses participating in the 37th DITF, Ms Adam said there are statistics that show the goods that were brought into the country for the purpose of the trade fair, which will be reconciled by the goods sold, for revenue to be collected.


Source: Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salaam)