Three ways in which Avatar Technologies can help governments reach their development goals


14 August 2015

In the wake of the Third UN Financing for Development conference, held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 13-16 July, the quest for innovative ways to allow governments to increase their revenue for development is taking center stage.

There is a clear consensus in favor of the reduction of the dependence to foreign aid, as the latter is actually not as efficient as it could be. In order to achieve the Millennium Goals in terms of financing for development, developing countries must leverage their own resources, specifically their respective tax systems. They also need to optimize governance at a national level and to enforce the policies – particularly the tax reforms – that will allow for the mobilization of the necessary financial resources.

In the light of the above, here are three ways in which Avatar Technologies, a parent company of Global Voice Group (GVG), can help governments create funds for development purposes:

  1. By leveraging taxes as a source of finance for development. Avatar’s IT solutions enhance tax collection, thus increasing the government’s tax revenue.
  2. By improving tax governance at a national level. Avatar helps governments optimize tax compliance.
  3. By allowing governments to reduce their dependence on foreign aid. The increased tax revenue facilitated by Avatar’s solutions can be used to fund social development programs, while lessening the need for foreign aid.

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