Malawi’s development relies on tax revenues

12 January 2017 

His Excellency, President Peter Mutharika, has called on all Malawians to always demand EFD receipts after acquiring items and services from Value Added Tax (VAT) registered businesses.

 The country relies on the revenues generated from efficient tax collection, and tax evasion could hinder the country’s development.

 “Malawi has been running on locally generated resources for three years now without any budgetary support from donors. We have built schools, hospitals and all these roads you see are from our money, your money which is paid in taxes. We are now on our own and operating public services using taxes. This is why I would like to remind everyone to be paying taxes. If you go to a shop you must always request for [EFD] receipts and you must insist that whoever sells you something gives you [EFD] receipts. This is good for your record and it also ensures that necessary taxes are paid,” President Mutharika said. 

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